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Korean War Memorial Museum Competition

Korean War Memorial Museum Competition

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-logie: When the suffix λογία (logia), which is derived from the word λόγος (logos) used to mean explanation in Ancient Greek, is used, it expresses the examination of the thing before it and defines that thing as a field of study.

virtual: Embodies both real and imaginary meaning.

virtualogie: Since it can bring together two situations (imaginary-real) that are perceived as opposites, according to us it offers a workspace full of potentials where can be thought, talked about, seen and produced... on virtual.


Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Consept Design, Competition, Building Information Modeling(BIM), Aplication Projects

Computational Design

Generative Design / Art

​Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Algorithm Design, Computational Design, Generative Art

Digital Content

Design Research

​Architectural Analysis, Design Research, Pre-Consept Research

Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization

3D Modeling, Rendering, Animation Design



Kevser Yıldız


Architect (M.Sc.), Designer, Researcher


Ş. Barış Terzi


Architect (M.Sc.), BIM Specialist, Generative Designer


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  • Architectural Design
  • Generative Design / Art
  • Design Research
  • Architectural Visualization
A Knowledge-Based Resilience Model That Will Contribute to the Solution of the Right to the City Problem
Body Motion Automata
Çanakkale Community Center
Çeşme Residence Project
World Facade
Face off Hephaestus
From Sense to Perception : Expectation
Game Map Generator
GRAVITY generative coding series
Body Motion Automata
Hair Transplant Center Interior Project
Halic Research Center
Hotel Project Bodrum
Hotel Project Budva
Hotel-Residence Project Moscow
İncili Çavuş Hotel Project
Industrial Kitchen Project
kayaköy housing
Korean War Museum
Residence Project Bodrum
modernArt cryptography
Parametric Hospital Facade Design
Residence Project Moscow
Residence Project Tivat
Resort Hotel Project Bodrum
Süleymanpaşa Municipality Building
Urban Transformation Project Ercis
World Facade